LTD “Zolochiv elevator”
Location: 31, Vokzalna Street, town Zolochiv, Lviv region, Ukraine

The enterprise is fully privatized.

Territorial placement of the industrial site:
– on the northern side is the highway “Lviv-Ternopil”. Distance to Lviv 60 km. Distance to Ternopil is 55 km.
– on the southern side is the railroad.
– on the eastern side is the freight yard of the station “Zlochiv” of Lviv
– on the western side is the territory of the trading base.

Main activities of the enterprise:
– harvesting, processing (cleaning, drying, sorting),
– storage of cereals and olives.

The enterprise has all the permits, as well as an accredited laboratory.

The main assets include 8 grain storage facilities with a capacity of simultaneous storage of 20 thousand tons, equipped with mechanized lines of reception, transfer of grain into warehouses and lines of unloading of these warehouses, followed by loading on cars or railroad carriages. The warehouses are equipped with communication of active ventilation, long-term and high-quality storage of grain is provided. The total area of ​​warehouses and industrial premises is 10 000 sq. m.