The territory of the enterprise is 7.6 hectares, of which 3.9 hectares. – free land with possibility of development.

Weight management: automobile scales – 2 pcs. one of them – 30 tons, and the other 60 tons of electronic strain gauges, as well as portions on the working tower for loading grain into railroad cars.

Drying equipment: two drying DSP-32 (working on solid fuel and natural gas) and K4-CSA2. According to the capacity of 32 t / h, 10 t / h, the canopy of the asphalt paver for a crude grain with a capacity of 2500 tons.

Grain cleaning equipment: BCC-100 separator. (100 t / year)

reception of grain – 1500 tons per day
grain drying – 700 tons per day
grain cleaning – 100 tons per hour
Cargo load of grain – 60 tons per hour
4 places of reception of cars and 1 place of loading and unloading of railway cars capacity of 60 tons per hour.

Optional equipment:
Diesel power station with capacity 60 kW / h.
Fire Mop 100 MP
Separator centrifugal BCC100 (capacity 100 t / h).
Residential premises with shower
Fire depot with means and motor pump MP-100

Own electric substation – 500 kW,
Gas of medium and high pressure
Urban water supply
Two fire reservoirs (400 м.куб)
Three fire hydrants
The elevator is certificated, the laboratory is accredited, is equipped with everything.